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Xyrex is the easiest way to add value to your catch or seafood product.

Xyrex has two product lines to increase the value of your fish. The first is an FDA approved food processing aid that extends the shelf life of salmon, groundfish, pelagics and other species without the need for an additive declaration. The second product line is Xyrex Prawn-Fresh which has an additional control agent targeted at preventing melanosis in shrimp and prawns. Prawn-Fresh is approved in North America, Europe and Australia and most countries in Asia.

Xyrex provides fishermen, fish processors, distributors and retailers with a triple threat to the three main degradation actions in fish; it reduces bacterial contamination, enzymatic decay and chemical oxidation. Xyrex kills 99.9999% of the spoiler bacteria and leaves no chemical residue, taint or odour. It is cost-effective and comes in an infinitely soluble easy to use liquid form.

Add Xyrex to your fish hold, the process water in your fish plant or your ice used to transport, store or display fish. Your fish will look better, smell better and taste better – the flesh will be firmer. Xyrex means a longer shelf life, less wastage and higher prices for your seafood.